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Wood Trick's wooden mechanical models in media and reviews


Wood Trick models in media and reviews

Check out reviews on Wood Trick models in media and blogs:


These 3D mechanical puzzles are on sale and a great distraction


In Stash

Put your brain to work with these Wood Trick DIY mechanical 3D puzzles


Geeky Gadgets

Wood Trick DIY Mechanical 3D Puzzles


Popular Mechanics

Exercise Your Brain With These Mechanical 3D Puzzles


Interesting Engineering

Feed Your Imagination with These Functional 3D Puzzles


Brie Brie Blooms

Summer STEM Project | Mechanical 3D Puzzle Hand


Gadget Geek

Set your Mind to Do the job with these Wooden Trick Do-it-yourself Mechanical 3D Puzzles


Check out the list of Wood Trick's models and find your perfect wooden mechanical model.

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